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steelscout trading, constructor & engineers
Steelscout Trading, Constructor & Engineers
Steelscout Trading, Constructor & Engineers
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Steelscout Trading, Constructor & Engineers

We are steels trading, constructor and engineers who supply your needs in procurement of steels supply, steel construction, fabrication, and engineering We supply Aluminum composite panel and aluminum profiles, galvanized steel coil and tinplate, aluminum single panels and aluminum plastic composite panels multifunctional production lines: Fluorine& Carbon spraying, double stoving, double coating, rolling coating & baking finish, which assure an annual production capacity of 5 million m2 of aluminum single panels, aluminum plastic composite panels, fireproof aluminum plastic composite panels, chameleon panels, artic featured panels, imitative natural wood panels, antistatic dustproof panels, germproof panels, and imitative natural granite panels, ect . Tinplate information: 1, Reference standard: GB2520-88, JIS G3303-1997 and DIN EN10203-91 2, Material: Q195, 08AL, SPCC, SPCD, ST12, ST13, SAE1006, SAE1008 and SAE1010 3, Thickness available: 0.15mm to 0.45mm 4, Width available: 190mm to 920mm 5, Temper grade: T2 - T5 6, Tin coating: ordinary 2.8g / 2.8g, 5.6g/ 5.6g, We also can produce according to customers' requests 7, Applications: food packing, paint pot, chemical packing pot, battery, light industry, electric cable and other industries Outer packing: Anti-rust paper, Corner protected CARBON STEEL - Long Billets - Blooms Reinforcing Bars Tubes-Pipe Seamless Angles Ropes-Strand Wire Tubes-Pipes Cast ( Ductile) Beams-Channels-Joists-Columns Sections ( Cold Formed: U, Z, C...) Tubes-Pipes Welded Bright Shafting Bars ( Cold Formed) Sheet Piles-Trench Sheets Wire Bulb Flats Spring Flat Bars Wire Coated Merchant Bars ( rounds, flats, squares, tees, hexagons) Special HR Sections ( Window, Door...) Wire Rod Rails + Accessories Flat Coils and sheets Patterned ( Teardrop or Chequered) Other Flat Products Hot Rolled PVC Coated Slabs Cold Rolled Hot Dip Galvanized Hot Rolled Plates Aluminized ( = Aluminium Coated Steel) Galvannealed Clad Plates Aluzinc-Galvalume Perforated Corrugated Sheets Electrical ( GO & NGO) Pre-Painted Expanded Metal Electro Galvanized Terne ( Lead Coated) Roof - Floor Decking Enamelled Tinplate - TFS - Blackplate Sandwich Panels Other Balls Flanges Scrap Castings Forgings Strapping Chains Gratings Valves-Fittings Dished Heads Grinding Balls Welding Wire - Electrodes Fasteners Ingots Wire Mesh Fencing Powder STAINLESS STEEL Long Billets-Blooms Reinforcing Bars Wire Angles Ropes Wire Coated Beams-Channels-Joists-Columns Sections ( Cold Formed: U, Z, C...shape) Wire Rod Bright Shafting Bars ( Cold Formed) Tubes-Pipes Seamless Merchant Bars Tubes-Pipes Welded Flat Coils and sheets Other Flat Products Hot Rolled Perforated Corrugated Sheets Cold Rolled Slabs Expanded Metal Decorative and Etched Hot Rolled Plates Roof - Floor Decking Other Balls Flanges Scrap Castings Forgings Strapping Chains Gratings Valves-Fittings Dished Heads Grinding balls Welding Wire-Electrodes Fasteners Ingots Wire Mesh Fencing Powder SPECIAL STEEL Alloy steel High speed steel Steel fibres Bimetal Mould and Tool steel Wear resistant steel Heat resistant steel Spring steel Wrought iron BASE MATERIALS Coal HBI ( Hot Briquette iron) Refractory materials Coke Iron ore Rolling cylinders Ferro alloys Other metals Shot and grit Fluxes - Additives Pellets Sponge Iron ( DRI) Graphite products Pig Iron ACCESSORIES Abrasive + Polishing products Gases Paints-Coatings Chemicals for descaling and pickling Oils and Lubricants Zinc Ingots Carbon Steel Alminized Aluminium Zinc Coated Aluzinc/ Zincalum/ Gavalume Alloy Coated Angles Balls Beams/ Channels/ Columns Billets Blooms Bright Shafting Bars Bulb Flats Cast ( Ductile) Castings Chains Clad Plates Cold Rolled Cold Rolled ( Other) Corrugated Sheets Dished Heads Electrical ( Grain Non Oriented) Electrical ( Grain Oriented) Electro Galvanized Enamelled Expanded Metal Fasteners Fencing Flanges Flat Coils & Sheets Flat Plates Forgings Galvalum Galvanealed Gratings Grinding Balls Hot Dipped Galvanized Hot Rolled Hot Rolled ( Other) Ingots Long Products Merchant Bars Other Carbon Steel Painted Patterned Perforated Powder Rails & Accessories Rebars Roof & Floor Decking Ropes & Strand Wire Sandwich Panels Sections ( U, Z, C) Sheet Piles/ Trench Sheets Slabs Special Hot Rolled Sections Spring Flat Bars Strappings Strips Terne ( Lead Coated) Tin Plate/ Black Plate Tubes & Pipes Tubes & Pipes ( Seamless) Tubes & Pipes ( Welded) Valves & Fittings Welding Wire/ Electrodes Wire Wire Coated Wire Mesh Wire Rod Ferrous Alloys Alloy Steel Wires/ Rods/ Bars Bulk Alloys Ferro Aluminium Ferro Boron Ferro Chrome Ferro Manganess Ferro Molybdenum Ferro Niobium Ferro Phosphorous Ferro Silico Maganese Ferro Silico Magnesium Ferro Silicon Ferro Titanium Ferro Tungsten Ferro Vanadium High Speed Steel Noble Alloys Other Alloys Silico Manganese Tool Steel Iron Grey/ Cast Iron Malleable Iron Other Iron Pig Iron Wite Iron Stainless Steel Angles Balls Bars Beams/ Channels/ Columns Billets Blooms Bright Shafting Bars Castings Chains Cold Drawn Steel Bars Cold Rolled Corrugated Sheets Decorative & Etched Dished Heads Expanded Metal Fasteners Fencing Flanges Flats, Coils & Sheets Forgings Gratings Grinding Balls Hot Rolled Ingots Long Products Merchant Bars Other Stainless Steel Perforated Plates Plates Other Powder Rebar Roof/ Floor Decking Ropes Sections ( U, Z, C) Slabs Strappings Tubes & Pipes Tubes & Pipes ( Seamless) Tubes & Pipes ( Welded) Valves & Fittings Welding Wire/ Electrodes Wire Wire Coated Wire Mesh Wire Rod Non Ferrous Metals Aluminium Aluminium Coils, Sheets & Plates Aluminium Ingots & Billets Aluminium Pipes & Tubes Aluminium Powder & Granules Aluminium Wire, Rods & Bars Other Aluminium Exotic Metals Cadmium Chromium Cobalt Columbium Manganese Molybdenum Niobium Other Potassium Tantalum Tungsten Vanadium Minor Metals Entimony Arsenic Bismuth Hafnium Indium Mercury Other Rhenium Seleni um Silicon Tellurium Thallium Zirconium Rare Earth Actinides Actinides Neptunium Actinides Other Actinides Plutonium Actinides Thorium Actinides Uranium Cerium Lanthanides A Lanthanides A Cerium Lanthanides A Europium Lanthanides A Gadolinium Lanthanides A Lanthanum Lanthanides A Neodymium Lanthanides A Praseodymium Lanthanides A Promethium Lanthanides A Samarium Lanthanides B Lanthanides B Dysprosium Lanthanides B Erbium Lanthanides B Holmium Lanthanides B Lutetium Lanthanides B Terbium Lanthanides B Thulium Lanthanides B Ytterbium Other Rare Earth Yttrium Brass Mixed Brass Products Pure Brass Products Lead Lead Ingots Other Lead Nickel Nickel Anodes & Cathodes Nickel Ingots Nickel Plates Nickel Sheets Nickel Wires Other Nickel Tin Other Tin Tin Bars Tin Coils, Sheets & Plates Tin Ingots Bronze All Bronze Products Mixed Bronze Products Light Metals Barium Beryllium Calcium Cesium Francium Gallium Germanium Lithium Ma gnesium Potassium Radium Rubidium Sodium Strontium Titanium Precious Metals Gold Bullion & Bars Gold Dust & Nuggets Iridium Osmium Powder Other Other Gold Other Osmium Other Platinum Other Silver Palladium Platinum Bars Platinum Powder Rhodium Ruthenium Silver Ingots Silver Powder, Granules & Flakes Silver Wires & Bars Zinc Other Zinc Zinc Coils, Sheets & Plates Zinc Dust, Powder & Granules Zinc Ingots Zinc Wires, Rods & Bars Copper Copper Pipes & Tubes Copper Cathodes Copper Coils, Sheets & Plates Copper Ingots Copper Powder & Granules Copper Wire, Rods & Bars Other Copper Mining & Base Metals Mining & Base Metals Alumina Bauxite Antimony Ore Base Metals Cadmium Calcium Cesium Chromite Coal Cobalt Coke Columbite Copper Concentrate Exotic Metals Ferrous Mining Germanium Gold Iridium Iron Ore Lead Ore Light Metals Magnesite Manganese Ore Minor Metals Molybdenum Concentrate Nickel Mining Osmium Other Mining Palladium Platinum Potash Precious Metals Rhodium Rubidium Ruthenium Silver Sodium Tantalite Tin Ore Titanium Ore Tungsten Concentrate Vanadium Zinc Ore Zircon ore Scrap Metals Ferrous Scrap Carbon Steel Scrap HMS Scrap Iron Scrap Other Ferrous Scrap Stainless Steel Scrap Used Rails Residues Copper Residues Gold Residues Lead Residues Other Residues Zinc Residues Spent Catalysts Aluminium Catalysts Cobalt Catalysts Copper Catalysts Molybdenum Catalysts Nickel Catalysts Other Catalysts Palladium Catalysts Platinum Catalysts Zinc Catalysts Wafers Wafers Non Ferrous Scrap Aluminium Scrap Brass Scrap Bronze Scrap Cobalt Scrap Columbium Scrap Copper Scrap Lead Scrap Molybdenum Scrap Nickel Scrap Nickel Scrap Other Non Ferrous Scrap Tantalum Scrap Titanium Scrap Tungsten Scrap Zinc Scrap As well as we are general trading in: - Oil and Gas product Oilfield products. We can quote and supply you the following products: -------Stabilizers 1. Rough stabilizer forgings. 2. Finished Integral blade stabilizers. 3. Interchangeable sleeve stabilizers. Dimensions: According to customer' s requirements ( 6" ~ 26" ) -------Drill pipes Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135 Size: From 2 3/ 8" to 6 5/ 8" -------Drill collars 1. Slick Drill collar 2. Spiral Drill Collar 3. Non-magnetic Drill Collar Size: From 3 1/ 8" to 11" --------Mud Pump Model: F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-2200; 3NB-350, 3NB-500, 3NB-1000, 3NB-1300, 3NB-1600 --------Rotary Table Model: ZP175, ZP205, ZP275, ZP375 --------Traveling Block Model: YG135, YG170, YC170, YC225, YC315, YC450 --------Hook Model: DG50, DG100, DG225, DG315, DG450 As well as Air Winch, Draw works, Drilling rig are also our main products. ------Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps Rod Pumps, Special Sucker Rod Pumps, Tubing Pumps -------Sucker Rod: Continuous Sucker Rod, Ordinary Sucker rod, Pony Rod, Hollow Sucker Rod, Special Sucker Rod, Polished Rod -------Pumping Unit: Beam Pumping Unit, Double Horse Head Pumping Unit, Downward Barbell Pumping Unit, Frictional Type Pumping Unit, Involute Pumping Unit, Moment Adjustable Pumping Unit, Offset-wheel Beam Pumping Unit, Slant Hole Pumping Unit, Swing Lever Pumping Unit All of our products are designed to meet API industry standards and are produced with the equivalent quality as OEM for direct replacement for brand pump such as Emsco Gardner-Denver National Oilwell Ideco Skytop Brewster OPI Wirth Wilson Gaso . As a proven manufacturer of mud pump and its expendables, such as? modules, liners, pistons, valve and seats, flange, extened rod, piston rod, crosshead, clamp. Rotary Slips, Safety Clamps, Drill Collar Slips, Casing Slips, and Elevators, we continue to offer you competitive prices and quick delivery. Drill Rigs : Digital control VF Rig Mechanical With Rotary Table Rig Electromechanical Rig DC Rig Mechanical Rig Trailer Drilling Rig Mud Pump F series mud pumps are single horizontal triplex piston pumps. In the deep and ultra-deep wells, the drilling process cycle of drilling fluid, cleaning the bottom of the well to carry cuttings, cooling and lubricating bits and reinforced sidewall, used in conjunction with high pressure water jet bit rock crusher help improve drilling speed; Meanwhile, can also provide a mobile drilling mud pit as a driving force. Specification of F series mud pumps: Model F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 Rating Power kV 368 588 735 956 1176 Rated speed 165 stroke/ minute 150 stroke/ minute 140 stroke/ minute 120 stroke/ minute 120 stroke/ minute Max. liner bore stroke 170 190.5 170 228.6 170 254 180 304.8 180 304.8 Suction flange 8" 10" 12" 12" 12" Max pressure Mpa 26.77 27.26 32.85 30.6 34.3 Max Displacement L/ S 36.72 41.51 43.22 50.41 50.41 Weight Kg 9300 14000 18000 23200 24000 Other Rig Components : Mud Pumps( F500-F1600) , Draworks , Mask , Derrick & Substructure , Crwon Block , Travelling Block , Hook , Swivel , Rotary Table , Sand Pump , Centriful , Wellhead Equipment , Control Equipment and Flange Ram Valves . Drill Stem Products : ( As attached pics show) Drill collars or Drill Collar Bars , Stabilizers made from AISI 4145 H Modified Alloy Steel ( 28" Max) , Drill Pipes , Heavy Weight Drill Pipes . Drill Stem Accessories : Drill stem subs , Cross-over subs , Pup joint , Lift subs & Lift plugs , Kelly cock valve , Tool joints , Float valve subs , Safety joints , Circulating subs , Elevators & Slips . Pipe Lines: Casings and oil tubes according to API 5CT Standard . Line pipes according to API 5L Standard . wellhead tools: Elevator link, DP elevator, Tubing elevator, Iron roughman. Under the guideline of API , ISO and the your own requirements , We assure that our products must be in accordance with API specifications, drawings, technology file, related standards and technical documents , of course , our competitive price is another attractive factor to you as well ! - Power Plant Engineering, Product, Equipment, Contractors - Fabrication, Welding, Machinery, Installation - Business Brokerage - Raw Materials Please contact me for detail and any inquiry Best Regards, Indonesia Representative Silvester A Mamuaya Tel: + 62 31 70660102 E-Mail: steelscout.indonesia@ gmail.com
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